Thursday, December 10, 2009

stuffed zucchini

These were amazing and reminded me of a breaded zucchini dish my mom used to make in my pre vegan and gluten free days. This was even better though. I would be lost cooking wise without my food processor, i use it so much lately. I found this recipe on hannah kaminsky's blog. I have never tried any of her recipes before since i was only aware of the my sweet vegan book and i can't eat that sort of thing so being able to try one of her recipes after hearing good things was a nice surprise! These would be great to bring to a party to impressive people with but they were also great for dinner to impressive myself with. It's exciting that the stuffing is gluten free and made with nuts beans and vegetables. You can find the original recipe below.


  1. I like impressiving myself and others too. Do you have any left over for me to try?

  2. i do not but i will make them again. i will make them for us for dinner one night before you leave?